By me on The Media Briefing:

Product Management and Time Travel: A guide to digital product launches

What does Product Management have to do with Time Travel? Well, the jury is out on real time travel, although I quite like the first line of Looper: (“Time travel has not yet been invented. But thirty years from now, it will have been.”) However, temporal distortions  are alive and well and have formed a big part of most of the product launches that I’ve been a part of. What’s struck me in over two decades of digital product launches is the clockwork regularity with which some common time distortions appear.

There are three main time distortions that roughly correspond to three project phases. Bear with me as Product Management is a science these days, and delivery language can be technical and confusing: I breakdown product delivery time frame mapping into a tripartite structure of sequential phases I call 'The Beginning', 'The Middle' and 'The End'.